Almost ready to film!

The Racing To Rio team is buzzing with excitement as we grow closer and closer to finally beginning filming this important work. There are many last minute details to attend to before we can actually get off the ground but the skies are clear and we are more than confident that we are ready to begin the main stretch of this fantastic journey.

Racing To Rio’s one ever present hurdle however is money, we are working our best to fulfill this vision in spite of financial constraints, so please remember that donations are always greatly appreciated. Every donation lessens our burden and makes it that much easier to bring you the incredible story of Brad Kendell!

Filming begins Oct. 23rd


Join us in the race by donating today!

3 thoughts on “Almost ready to film!”

  1. Blake, so glad to have you on the Racing to Rio team.

    To everyone reading these posts, please donate to support the movie and bring these heroes’ stories to the world’s attention. Every donation helps, no donation is too small.

    Thank you for your support.

    Todd Gould
    The Barbaro-Gould Foundation

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