Thank You, Meze 119

Although it’s been a while, their food still lingers on our taste buds. The Barbaro-Gould Foundation would like to express its sincerest gratitude to Dean Herskowitz and everyone at  Meze 119 for their catering support! The St. Petersburg community’s support means a lot to the crew of Racing To Rio, and thanks to Meze 119,  we  feel it even more.  Their assistance shows us how united the Tampa Bay community is.

Racing To Rio seeks to not only tell the story of Clearwater hero, Brad Kendell, but also of the supportive communities standing behind him.

In addition to telling that story, the film also sets out to encompass humanity, sports, and art through its narrative. We were excited to know Meze 119 feels the same .

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida, Meze 119 (727-498-8627 ) is a vegetarian bistro with an emphasis on authentic middle eastern food. It also happens to be a Best of the Bay winner.  The Barbaro-Gould Foundation thanks Meze 119 for the delicious meal they provided!