Teams Across Borders

The crew of Racing To Rio  will film Team USA 1’s last training session before they set sail for the country qualifiers at the IFDS Para Worlds Sailing Championships in Melbourne, Australia.

Training alongside Team USA 1 is the Canadian Paralympic Sonar Team, whose members have been welcomed by the Clearwater area with open arms. Both teams are working with coach Mike Ingham with a common goal in mind: Racing to Rio 2016.

We look forward to capturing the high spirits of all involved as the Canadian Paralympic Sonar Team exchanges creativity, sporstsmanship, and most of all, passion, with Team USA 1.

The Canadian Paralympic Sonar Team is comprised of Paul Tingley, Logan Campbell, and Scott Lutes. Team USA 1 is made of Brad Kendell, Rick Doerr, and Hugh Freund.

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Meet Jack Neu, Our Sound Technician

One of the first things anyone in the production industry will tell you is that good video is nothing without good audio. The Racing to Rio production crew is proud to introduce our sound field recordist, Jack Neu, Saint Petersburg resident and certified sailor.  With nearly three decades of experience under his belt, Jack is among the best of sound men. He has spent the past 25 years in the Tampa Bay area working as a freelance sound man and producer.

In addition to having worked with companies such as Disney Studios, Sun Sports, and HSN/Telemation, Jack also has experience with CBS News: 48 Minutes and 60 Minutes, ABC News: 20/20 Primetime, HBO Real Sports, NBC Dateline, ESPN Outside the Lines, Johnson & Johnson and Bristol- Meyers Squibb, CBS Sports, ESPN Sports Center, AARP, and the Veterans Administration. Jack has provided sound work for everything ranging from Superbowl coverage to cable magazine programs. He has worked on news channels, documentaries, and network broadcasts, including Emeril’s Florida on the Cooking Channel.

For his work on CBS News: 48 Minutes, Jack has won the Edward R. Murrow award in both 2000 and 2001 and won an Emmy award in 2012. He also won the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival and a National Cable ACE Award.

We are so pleased to welcome Jack to this production and to the community built up around Racing To Rio in our quest to make Brad Kendell’s story known. Stay posted for more updates on our team as we journey to the 2016 Paralympics.

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Bill Mills: Director of Photography

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation is excited and honored to be joined by renowned cinematographer, Bill Mills, and his production company, Digital Cine HD. As Racing To Rio’s Director of Photography, Bill will be bringing a new layer of beauty, passion and expertise to the project.

As an ocean-lover, Bill is licensed as a captain, sailor, master scuba diver and has a myriad of experience with filming both on and under the water. Bill is especially passionate about marine projects, having extensively traveled the world’s waters on multiple projects including National Geographic’s Pursuit of the Giant Bluefin. In addition to his time with National Geographic, Bill has worked on CBS 60 minutes, with the Department of Defense and with the National Terrorism Preparedness Institute, amongst many more.

Bill has done cinematography for television and commercial documentaries, as well as feature films. His work has earned him six Emmys, a Primetime Emmy nomination for Best Cinematography, a Kodak Vision Award, three Cine Golden Eagles, a Platinum Best of Show Aurora, and a fellowship with the New York based Explorer’s Club.

Having spent the past eighteen years in St. Petersburg, Bill has a strong connection to the local community and is an avid sailor, himself.

Our esteemed Director of Photography, Bill Mills, our entire crew, and all of our sponsors are thrilled to be collaborating on a project that seamlessly ties together the arts, the community, and the great sport of sailing.

Stay tuned this week as we profile each of our crew members on the Racing to Rio set.

All Hands on Deck! The Cameras Are Rolling!!!

Our eleven-person Racing to Rio production crew reported for day two of official duty yesterday morning as Brad Kendell’s Never Say Never Pirate Campers arrived at the Clearwater Community Sailing Center for the first day of camp.  While the campers learned the ropes from Brad – everyone’s favorite world-class sailor – our crew was standing by to capture the moments that help to create new champions.

Brad’s Never Say Never Pirate Camp aims to incite a love for sailing in disabled youth from all over the country. Brad firmly believes that the skills he acquired through the sport of sailing have helped him to better cope with the daily challenges that he faces having lost both of his legs.  His hope is to share this attitude with others and to inspire these youths to turn their challenges into their strengths.


Thank you Ken Hamilton & The Palm Pavilion

Ken Hamilton & The Palm Pavilion have just made a very generous donation to assist us in feeding the crew during our filming the next few weeks.

Please thank Ken by visiting his restaurant, The Palm Pavilion, at 10 Bay Esplanade, Clearwater Beach, FL. They are having a huge Stone Crab Festival this weekend…

Now it’s your turn: Support Racing to Rio like Ken by donating today!

The Race is On

The clock is ticking and the Barbaro-Gould Foundation can’t wait to start production! At the moment, the crew is gathering more equipment and people. With the best directors of photography, audio technicians, assistant directors, and cameramen we can find, the foundation hopes to kick off Racing To Rio in an explosion of success.

But to reach its full potential, the film is still in need of donations, sponsorship, and support. All support is welcome. The crew needs all the help it can get to tell the story of Paralympic sailor, Brad Kendell, and his team’s journey to the 2016 Paralympics.

This could be the last sailing Paralympic games in history, making it essential for Racing To Rio to capture the essence of sailing and its importance to the local and global community.

Donations can be accepted at the following websites:, or They can also be sent by mail to:

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, Inc.
1211 Hamlet Avenue, Studio D
Clearwater, Florida 33756

Corporate sponsorships are also available—for more information, please contact Jennifer Barbaro or Todd Gould at 727-487-2148 or email to .


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All hands on deck, literally! #Filming on boats and at docks at the beautiful #Clearwater Community #Sailing Center!

Opportunity to be a part of a professional #Hollywood film #crew, learn a lot, help a great not-for-profit cause, meet great filmmakers & get your name on a film credit!

#Production assistants/grips/craft services/extra hands needed!

All locations in Sand Key, FL except 11/5-8 in ST Pete, FL on water in boat & at docks for #WarriorSailing

Email or call 727-487-2148

10/20-10/21 -in office Production prep

10/22-10/25 Shooting Pirate Camp with challenged youth (approx 8a-5p fri-sun), with Thursday night being a short meet and greet party shoot.

10/28 will be office production day

10/29 to 11/1 is USA 1 Sonar Paralympic training with #BradKendell, his #Paralympic team, and world class Olympic coaches – usually starts between 8 & 10 am and ends by latest 4p – time on boat and sailing center

11/4 in office production day

11/5-11/8 Warrior Sailing with #JenFrench (st Pete yacht club & boat)

Copy of film when complete, meals as appropriate, and film credit as official titled crew will be provided

Essential Edibles

@VSPC @MyClearwater @ClearwaterArea  The camera is almost ready to roll on #Racing2Rio the Movie featuring Paralympic Sailor Brad Kendell and Tampa Area based sailing & leadership camps for individuals affected by challenges.  As the days draw closer, the Barbaro-Gould Foundation looks to other accommodations for its crew and cast.  We are now on the search for #restaurants, #supermarkets, and food services that can provide food, drink, and craft services for the team.

A healthy production is a successful production and like its response to all available help, the crew of Racing To Rio welcomes any craft service (meal, snacks, water, drinks)  donations!





Racing to the Press

As pre-production for Racing To Rio comes to an end, The Barbaro-Gould Foundation is excited to jump into filming come October.  We are preparing press releases and rounding out the last stages of pre-production.

Racing to Rio hopes to capture the resilient spirit of Paralympic sailors and the stunning impact they have on the community around them. The Clearwater area will be portrayed as a united community and foreground on the international sailing stage. In October, world class sailing coaches from the United States and beyond will arrive in Clearwater, along with Olympic and Paralympic teams alike. It is critical for the production team to record as many of these moments as possible.

In light of the Paralympic Committee’s decision to remove sailing from the 2020 games, it is especially urgent to highlight the importance of sailing and cover what will likely be the final Paralympic sailing game.

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation happily welcomes help and donations. Donations can be accepted at the following websites:, or They can also be sent by mail to:

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, Inc.
1211 Hamlet Avenue, Studio D
Clearwater, Florida 33756

Corporate sponsorships are also available (and beyond welcome!)—for more information, please contact Jennifer Barbaro or Todd Gould at 727-487-2148 or email at .

Almost ready to film!

The Racing To Rio team is buzzing with excitement as we grow closer and closer to finally beginning filming this important work. There are many last minute details to attend to before we can actually get off the ground but the skies are clear and we are more than confident that we are ready to begin the main stretch of this fantastic journey.

Racing To Rio’s one ever present hurdle however is money, we are working our best to fulfill this vision in spite of financial constraints, so please remember that donations are always greatly appreciated. Every donation lessens our burden and makes it that much easier to bring you the incredible story of Brad Kendell!

Filming begins Oct. 23rd


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