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Making a movie is huge undertaking and requires substantial resources. While we solicit donations of equipment and time and negotiate substantially reduced rates from many professionals who believe in the project, there are still costs that cannot be avoided.

Most movies are big risks for big possible payouts. With Racing to Rio, the payout is immediately in the giving. Sponsored by The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, your support of the film is tax deductible as a 501(c)(3) donation…but even more, you are supporting an amazing, worthwhile project.

So this is where you come in.

Did you ever want to have your name up as an Executive Producer of a movie? Here is your chance. Any donation of $5,000 or more will get you on the Associate Executive Producers credit page, and donations of $10,000 or more will get you your own Executive Producer credit on the film and more!

OK, that’s a lot of money. But don’t fret, we recognize everyone who believes in Racing to Rio in the credits on the film. And all donors get a copy of the Racing to Rio CD and more goodies as we come up with them. The more you donate, the more goodies you get.

Please donate right now…don’t wait another minute – Get your donation in before the and of 2015!

Red Level: $50 Thank you!
White Level: $100 Thank you very much!
Blue Level: $500 Special Thank You!
Medalist: $1,000 Special Individual Thank You!
Stars & Stripes: $5,000 Associate Executive Producer!
World Champion: $10,000 Executive Producer!
Other: Please enter amount on the PayPal Screen

You can make donation checks payable to:

The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, Inc.
1211 Hamlet Ave, Studio D
Clearwater, FL 33756

Please put Racing to Rio on the check and include your e-mail address.

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The Barbaro-Gould Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. FL Reg # CH40503

Racing to Rio is far more than the journey of a few elite athletes striving for world records, gold medals and personal bests. Racing to Rio is the story of transformation from individuals overcoming personal challenges to become world-class sailors and heroes who inspire others to face their challenges and live life to the fullest through the sport of sailing. Racing to Rio is literally about Brad Kendell's journey to the Paralympics in Rio 2016, but also serves on a larger scale as a metaphor for all people who face challenges and how they can take on life to win their own "races" by being the best they can be.