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We need you help to make this important movie and share the importance of Paralympic sailing with the world.

Did you know that the International Paralympic Committee has eliminated sailing from the 2020 games??? Together, let’s show the IPC how wrong they are and get them to reinstate sailing!

Racing to Rio the Movie demonstrates that #Paralympic sailing is not about 16 countries that compete once every four years, it is about the thousands and thousands of kids, warriors and adults that these athletes and games inspire to find their abilities which far surpass their disabilities.

We are not asking you to donate to the film, we are asking your donation to support these amazing athlete/leaders and programs as they mentor the next generation!

Racing to Rio is the spark to create more programs that use sailing to heal, develop communication skills and create the next batch of leaders.

Please visit our Racing to Rio Indiegogo Site right now and make a donation. No time like the present.

Your tax deductible donation makes it all possible.

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Todd & Jen

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